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Mobile products are always with us, always on, and instantly accessible. This is where your product will most likely be seen and/or used first.

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UX Design Starts with Research

Figure out who you are designing for, and study their behaviors. This along with today’s trends and habits help to build a more comprehensible product.

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Graphic Design helps the engagement.

The correct color scheme and photos will draw the user in, while the icons, layout design and ui will help to direct them to right location.

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Keys To A Good UI and UX Design

Web Design has gone to another level. People don’t just want pretty designs anymore; they want to be guided to the correct location and task at hand. Thats the UX part. They also want to know how and what to do when they get there. That’s the UI part. Together you get a productive and successful product.

Easy To Understand

Your design needs to be straight forward and easy to navigate and understand. The user should have no questions and easily understand the objective at hand.

Engaging Graphics

Your colors, graphics, and use of icons should be recognizable and appealing. Draw users in and keep them interested all while being relevant to the subject.

Consistency Throughout

Responsive design is one way to keep a similar layout and familiarity across all media formats and sizes to keep the end user from getting lost.

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Know Your User

Who are you catering to? Knowing their attractions, habits, predictable behavior will help you in creating a better product that is most beneficial to your users.

Predictable Flow

Steps in the process should make sense to the user or else they will become confused and/or irritated and stop using your product.

User Testing

Testing your mocks and designs with the end user in different use case scenarios will save you countless hours of engineering time.

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Gallery of My Work

Here are some screenshots of UX and UI work, illustrations, and design pieces.

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